Beta Testing for Adalo Apps

Struggling to find beta testers for your Adalo app?

Introducing AdaTesting, where you can get your app beta tested to get feedback from a UI/UX, No-Code, Adalo expert.

All testing is done on real devices to provide you with powerful insights and detailed feedback so that your app has the best chance for success.

How To Get Your App Tested by AdaTesting

Select a package & submit your app

The first step is to select a plan that fits your needs and submit your app for review. You provide all of the features that you’d like for us to test.

Your app gets reviewed

Once we receive your submission, our team of experts will take a look at your app and provide feedback on what can be improved by a UI/UX, No-Code, Adalo expert.

Leave your feedback

After receiving your feedback, leave a rating and review for your tester. This helps us to continue providing quality service and helps other Adalo developers find us when they need beta testers for their apps.

Why use AdaTesting?

Adalo is a powerful platform for building no-code applications, but it can be difficult to find beta testers who are both knowledgeable about the platform and able to provide quality feedback.

That’s where we come in.

AdaTesting is the only beta testing platform that specializes in Adalo apps. We have a team of experts who are familiar with Adalo, UI/UX, and branding and we can provide detailed feedback on how to improve your app to keep users engaged.

We Test With Real Devices

All of our app testings are done on real devices to give you the most accurate insights possible. We also offer a variety of plans to fit your needs, so you can get the feedback you need without breaking the bank.

AdaTesting Beta Testing Prices

AdaTesting Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our satisfied clients have to say.

“Working with Mario takes the pressure out of app development in Adalo. He is extremely knowledgeable on this topic and has instant solutions that can be implemented even during the call. Highly recommended if you’re looking at creating your own app in a no-code solution like Adalo.”

Henk Werner

Innovation Drive

“I needed help with adalo and building out my app. Mario has been nothing short of amazing and I recommend him to anyone looking for help with app development. I struggled to know the ins and outs, and I’m happy with my final product. Now, much less stress.”

Isiah Watson


“Before my sync with Mario, I was having some problems with optimizing my Adalo app’s list loading, issues with product validations for In-App Purchases, and some design/spacing issues when rendering content in my app. There were several frustrations in terms of wrapping up/finalizing my app – which covered many areas.

All in all, Mario was able to help crunch through my short-list of issues that were blocking my launch – as well as recommended other approaches to optimize and fix/improve tidbits in my app while we worked through my original list.

Given Mario’s knowledge of the platform, this was all able to be done in the original time slot for the session I had paid for. An efficient & valuable outcome. It’s closer to “bug-free.””

Jordan Eskenazi

Innovation Drive

Start Getting Real Feedback Today With AdaTesting

You’ve developed your app and now it seems impossible to find people to help you test it.

The longer you wait to test, the more likely it is that you’ll encounter problems down the line.

AdaTesting provides quality beta testing services so you can get the feedback you need to improve your app before launching it.


AdaTesting is not owned or operated by Adalo.